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Panzym Pro SP-L

Panzym Pro SP-L enzyme is a highly effective enzyme preparation for the optimization of mash liquefaction.

This enzyme is specifically for the processing and maceration of fruit and vegetable mashes. Soluble and insoluble pectins, as well as turbidity-causing polysaccharides are efficiently degraded.

The application of Panzym Pro SP-L enzyme in mash/pomace drastically improves the solid-liquid separation (e.g. using a press or decanter) and thus leads to a higher juice yield.

Pectinase for processing fruit and vegetable mashes for a high liquefication
Suitable for
Fruit mashes, vegetable mashes
Formulation; Dosage
Liquid; max. 20-200 ml/t

Core features

  • High-performance product with optimum enzyme activity
  • Wide spectrum of side activities (including hemicellulase)
  • High juice yield and pressing capacity of fresh and storable fruit
  • Easy-to-clean press and equipment
  • Fruit mashes which are easier to pump and ferment
  • Rapid fermentation start and reliable thorough fermentation
  • Pure fermentation with high final attenuation for high quality distillates
  • Enhanced flavor release and reduced level of natural methanol
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