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BECOLITE 5000 is a coarse, high-pure filtration perlite for the fining of liquids with a high opacity level and for moisture remove from sludge. It is used for beverages such as beer, wine, fruit juices, priming solutions, oil, starch, gelatin, yeast sediments, scouring sediment, beer wort and foodstuffs. Perlite is known to be inert and will not impart any taste, color or odor to the liquid being filtered.

BECOLITE 5000 perlite is produced from perlite (vulcanized glass) via a process of sudden heating and distension. The perlite particles are standardized to a precisely defined size via a process of grinding and sifting. BECOLITE 5000 perlite is virtually free from non-filtering particles such as fine dust, grit and floaters. BECOLITE 5000 perlite is characterized by a very high wet volume and a resultant filter cake with a high sediment intake capacity.

Filter Material
Pre-Coat Filtration
Filtration Grade

Core features

  • Particularly cost-effective due to long filter operating life and high flow capacity
  • Formation of a fissure-free, homogenous filter cake guarantees reliable filtration
  • Virtually free from non-filtering particles
  • Highest possible purity, safe in accordance with German and EU directives
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