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Kieselguhr C 1200

Kieselguhr C 1200 is a medium fine, active filtration diatomaceous earth with excellent clarification effect and high throughput for the filtration of beer, wine, fruit juice, oil, starch, sugar, gelatin, and other liquids.

Kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) is produced from the silicaceous deposits of microscopic diatoms. The powdery Kieselguhr C 1200 is produced by mixing specially selected particle sizes. It is largely free from non-filtering components such as fine dust and silica sand.

Filter Material
Diatomaceous Earth
Pre-Coat Filtration
Filtration Grade
Medium fine

Core features

  • Excellent clarifying sharpness
  • Reliable filtration through rapid formation of an adherent filter cake
  • Economic due to the optimum ratio of flow rate and clarifying sharpness
  • Maximum purity
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