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SIHALACT Oeno malolactic bacteria is a new lactic acid bacterial strain (oenococcus oeni) for red, rosé, and white wine processing that was selected from a German wine. As a reactivation culture SIHALACT Oeno malolactic bacteria guarantees fast and safe malolactic fermentation (MF). The high malolactic activity of the lactic acid bacterial strain ensures optimal MF, particularly at low inoculation temperatures.

Oenoccoucus Oeni, citric-positiv malolactic bacteria for white wines at low pH (>3,0) and low temperature (57.2 °F (> 14°C))
Suitable for
all juices
14-22 °C, max. 25 mg/l SO2

Core features

  • Universally applicable for red, rosé, and white wine processing
  • Low diacetyl formation
  • Inoculation parameter: pH value ≥ 3.2
  • Inoculation parameter: temperature > 63 °F (17 °C)
  • Inoculation parameter: free SO2 < 0.13 lb/1,000 gal (15 mg/l)
  • Alcohol tolerance up to 15% by vol.
  • No histamine formation
  • Particularly suitable for inoculation after alcoholic fermentation (residual sugar concentration < 0.83 lb/1,000 gal (10 g/l) at pH > 3.5)
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