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Viniflora CiNe

Viniflora CiNe Lactic Acid Bacteria is a frozen concentrate of lactic acid bacteria cultures for the breakdown of malic acid into lactic acid without the formation of diacetyl. The new Oenococcus Oeni culture does not decompose the natural grape must / wine citric acid into diacetyl, acetic acid and 2,3-butanediol. The wines become more harmonious, soft, with a typical varietal character, not overlapping with diacetyl tones.

Oenoccoucus Oeni, citric-negative malolactic bacteria malolactic bacteria for fruity wines without diacetyl production
Suitable for
All white juice, all rosé juices
18-22°C, max. 15 mg/l SO2

Core features

  • No production of diacetyl and volatile acidity from citric acid metabolism
  • Pure and varietal specific wines
  • Controlled and fast malic acid to lactic acid conversion
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