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xComfort RF Radiator Thermostat

The battery powered xComfort RF compatible Radiator Thermostat is suitable to control water based radiators automatically. The thermostat can be used stand-alone or in combination with the SHC Climate Function for zone based climate control. It is ideal for energy saving and increasing comfort. 


Core features

  • xComfort RF compatible
  • Battery powered radiator thermostat to control water-based radiators with xComfort
  • Uses common available AA batteries which can be replaced by the End-user
  • Large display and buttons for easy control
  • Child lock/protection to prevent unwanted changes
  • Designed to work with the SHC climate function, but can also work standalone
  • End-user changeable set-point. Connected to SHC it will, after a defined period, automatically switch back to the in the SHC defined set-point
  • Easy mounting on the radiator with various adapters available to support different radiator types/brands
  • Window open detection (switch off heating in case of a temperature drop detection)
  • Operating temperature:  +5 to +55 °C

xComfort RF Radiator Thermostat video


Well-being for your daily life

Temperature is a very important factor for each person’s well-being. The temperature in spaces that are not used could without a problem be decreased to save in a simple manner the heating costs of a home. With xComfort this is possible for both new and existing buildings.

Radiator heating saves energy and cost

Radiator heating circulation of warm water in the heating circuit only on demand saves energy and cost. A temperature control system with heating management ensures that there is only heating at the time when it is needed.

Increase your comfort

Individual temperature control in each room saves up to 6% in heating costs per degree Celsius without comfort loss.

With xComfort you can make yourself at home.

Eaton, Power Management Company