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xComfort Smart Home Controller

The Smart Home Controller is the most innovative product within the xComfort series and enables all functions of a modern electrical installation, e.g. central display and operation, lighting, shading, energy monitoring, temperature regulation, scenarios, IP cameras, macros etc. You will need a LAN cable to connect the Smart Home Controller to a (WLAN) router.

Depending on the network in place, you can access the Smart Home Controller and the xComfort system via Smart Phone, Smart TV (complete browser), PC, laptop, tablets etc. either locally via WLAN, or remote via the Internet. For intuitive controlling, operating and displaying the system, an iOS APP (iPhone, iPad, iPod), an Android APP (Smartphone, tablets) as well as a Web browser (mobile devices, Desktop, PC, laptop, ...) is available.

Smartphone App
(iOS and Android) can be used
xComfort solutions
for climate management

Core features

  • Connects the xComfort-System to the WLAN-Router of the home network
  • Stores and contains all information for controlling xComfort.
  • Brings unlimited additional functionality
  • Design tailored to your style: tuning the climate control to individual needs
  • Keep in control (lights, shading, heating, energy,…)
  • Less power consumption and save energy
  • Wireless control, no unsightly cables
  • Remote control via smartphone or web
  • Reliable and safe to operate
  • Low initial costs and added value
  • Flexibility: Easy to install and expand
SHC Smart Home Controller

Be in control

  • It is a matter of creating moods, whether for dinner, a celebration, a movie night or just going to sleep by just a click on a scene button
  • Or just set the house to ‘away’ mode, shutting off the lights when you leave, lowering the temperature to the desired savings level and close the blinds
  • Use individual calendar and time functions to control any scene automatically including presence simulation
  • see in one overview the general room status like the number of lights turned on or the number of windows open
  • Control your lights and appliances directly and see the their status
  • See the history of the available sensors

Energy Management

  • With the new actuator series (switching, dimming and heating actuators) you can check your energy consumption, point by point
  • See the average power consumption of the new heating actuators needed to heat a room
  • Are you wasting electricity in the living room? In the kitchen? With the right information it’s quite easy to save money.
  • Call up information from energy measurement sensors to measure your main energy consumption and energy production (PV)
  • With the Top Consumers you can identify other areas in your home that should be upgraded for further savings.
  • Compare current and previous energy history information on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level
SHC Smart Home Controller keuken, building
SHC Smart Home Controller overview, living room

Temperature Control

  • Switch easily between predefined temperature setpoints for each room or heating zone
  • Manage electric heating as well as water based under floor heating and radiators
  • Thermostats or temperature gauges for measuring a room or outdoor temperature
  • Sensors that check whether a window in the room is open and if heating should therefore be cut
  • Use individual calendar and time functions to control each heating zone automatically (Energy efficiency)
  • Local override option to change a desired temperature or to stay warmer for longer than programmed
  • Frost detection to ensure that, even when you are away, water doesn't freeze in the pipes
  • Control the climate at home or remotely in a secured way

Make your house smarter

You have full control over your house with your mobile phone. From anywhere. Anytime. In our busy, modern lives we are often on the go. Whether travelling for work or away for summer holidays – you can quickly and simply reassure yourself that back at home, everything is as it should be.

In combination with the smart home controller control your smart home by smartphone or tablet locally or remotely.

Typical applications are:

  • Light control
  • Climate control
  • Blind & shutter control
  • Safety management
  • Energy monitoring & visualization
  • Remote Information & control
xComfort SHC ipad
Designed to work together

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