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xComfort Wireless switches

The xComfort system will enable you to fix push-buttons anywhere on the wall. From one single push anywhere, you can control from lights, shutters, ventilation towards scenes and functions. The wireless switches are based on RF 868 (xComfort compatible) and can control xComfort actuators directly or be used to activate scenes and functions of controllers.

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Core features

  • Push-buttons consisting of an electronics switch, a switch base plate, a frame and a rocker switch
  • Rocker switches available with single-, two- and four buttons
  • Wireless switch – can be placed on any surface
  • Diverse designs
  • Compatible with most 55mm frames
  • Compatibility with many wiring accessories brands
  • Compatible with international installation standards
  • Available with or without LED functions
  • Battery lifetime of 10 years
  • RF 868 (xComfort compatible)

Diverse designs, more home comfort

The new wireless universal switches can now be combined with more than 30 frame designs offered by leading switch manufacturers, thanks to its standard 55 x 55 mm dimensions. Furthermore, different colors of rockers will brighten up your walls.

Maximum flexibility

The xComfort system will enable you to fix switches anywhere on the wall. From one single push anywhere, you can control both the lights and the roller-shutters in the room. Eaton’s wireless switches can be combined with many wiring accessories brands. We integrate seamlessly with your preferred switches and sockets, whether those already in your home or as part of new build projects.
xComfort RF Push Button components

Simply screw on or glue on

To allow for easy installation, follow four basic steps:

  • Step 1: Mount the base plate
  • Step 2: Affix of the frame
  • Step 3: Click-in the switch's wireless module 
  • Step 4: Affix the rocker button to the wireless module

Central ON/OFF

Thanks to a central OFF/ON switch near the front door, pushing one button is all it takes to switch off all the lights in the house. This same button will also allow you to switch off other power consumers – such as the iron, for example. So you no longer need to tour the whole house to switch off every single light separately.

We make your home diverse.

Eaton, Power Management Company