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SIHA Silicone Anti Foam Agent SE Concentrated

SIHA Silicone Anti Foam Agent SE Concentrated prevents undesirable frothing in the still. It was specially developed for the high demands of distillation of yeast-, potato, grain-, and all fruit mash. A direct dose of SIHA Concentrated Silicone Anti Foam Agent SE prevents undesirable creation of foam in the fermentation barrel. This product can be applied in cases of indirect food contact and meets several specifications of FDA CFR 21 and BFR silicone.

Defoaming Agent for Distillation
Yeast, potato, grain and all fruit mash distillation
max. 2 - 4 g/hl

Core features

  • Interruptions in the process operation caused by foam build up during negative lift are avoided
  • No cleaning of burnt-on mash in columns, coolers and receivers
  • Problem-free distillation even with small head space in upper still head
  • Odor and taste free product
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