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Fermentation Salt Plus

Fermentation Salt Plus combined yeast nutrient is a special yeast nutrition compound preparation consisting of diammonium phosphate, vitamin B1, and cellulose for application during particularly difficult fermentations. 

Diammonium phosphate + Vitamin B1 + Cellulose for fast fermentation start with cellulose
Suitable for
Juice with low NTU
max. 4.2 lb/1,000 gal
(50 g/hl)

Core features

  • Quicker yeast reproduction
  • Quicker fermentation of the substrate
  • Increase of the inner surface for highly pre-clarified musts
  • Reliable compensation of nitrogen and phosphate deficiency
  • Reduction in the pyruvic acid and α-ketoglutarate content
  • Higher degree of final fermentation and improved alcohol yield
  • Quicker and better sedimentation
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