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GLUTASTAR yeast nutrient is an innovative yeast nutrient from 100% specific inactivated yeast enriched with glutathione. GLUTASTAR is a result of a research collaboration with the University of Dijon (France) and Lallemand Inc. The combination of a specially selected yeast strain and an optimized production process results in a high enrichment of glutathione in the product to achieve the optimal protection against oxidation on white wines and rosé wines.    

100% specific inactivated yeast preparation enriched with glutathion for protection against oxidation, color stabilization
Suitable for
Reductive wine production
20 - 40 g/hl

Core features

  • High protection against oxidation
  • Increasing and stabilization of aroma precursors of volatile thiols (4-MMP, 3-MH)
  • Protection against of oxidation especially for rosé wines
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