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Lalvin GoFerm

Lalvin GoFerm yeast nutrient is a new and innovative yeast nutrient made of inactive yeast that contains vitamins (e.g. panthothenate, biotin), mineral nutrients (magnesium, zinc, manganese), and amino acid.

Lalvin GoFerm yeast nutrient contains micronutrients that are absorbed only during the rehydration step of active dry yeast.

100% inactive yeast preparation for rehydration of active dried yeast for higher cell count and higher cell viability
Suitable for
All juices, all mashes
Max. 40 g/hl

Core features

  • Improves rehydration
  • Promotes cell growth and budding
  • Increases the share of active cells over the complete fermentation process
  • Supplements active dry yeast with micronutrients
  • Improves the degree of fermentation activity
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