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BIODIVA is a non-saccharomycet used in grape must for alcoholic fermentation. Non-saccharomycetes and saccharomycetes are combined to achieve new wine styles. BIODIVA yeast supports the natural yeast flora especially at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation and promotes certain esters which increase the complexity of the wines. Since it produces little volatile acidity and tolerates high osmotic pressure, it is well suited for the fermentation of musts with high sugar content.

Torulaspora delbrueckeii, Non-Saccharomyces yeast species for low volatile acidity in high osmotic grape juices
Suitable for
All grape varieties
Temperature, Dosage
16-28 °C, 25 g/hl

Core features

  • Application in the beginning of fermentation
  • Increase of grape varietal aroma and longevity of wines
  • Low production of volatile acids
  • High tolerance against high sugar concentration
  • Combination with malolactic fermentation possible
  • Low production of acetaldehyde
  • Low production of volatile acidity in must during alcoholic fermentation
  • Low alcohol tolerance
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