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Uvaferm PM

Uvaferm PM yeast is a specially selected dry active yeast strain of saccharomyces bayanus, which is used very reliably for the fermentation of basic wine used for white sparkling wine. Uvaferm PM yeast leads to a relatively neutral sparkling wine with good balance between fruit and elegance.

Uvaferm PM
Saccharomyces cerevsiae var. Bayanus, Saccharomyces yeast species for sparkling wine production (tank fermentation)
Suitable for
White: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Riesling
Temperature, Dosage
14-18°C, 20-30 g/hl

Core features

  • Specially developed for the fermentation of basic wine for sparkling wine
  • Selected over several years for reliable and uniform fermentation performance
  • Rapid start of fermentation and main fermentation
  • Low formation of undesirable fermentation by-products
  • Good flocculation properties
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