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Opportunities in electric vehicle charging at commercial and industrial sites

Along with NatWest and Lombard, and in partnership with the Renewable Energy Association, we've commissioned a new Aurora Energy Research report that highlights the scale of commercial opportunities for electric vehicle (EV) charging at commercial and industrial sites.

Unlocking commercial opportunities for EV charging

The report, ‘Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Charging at Commercial and Industrial Sites’, developed by Aurora Energy Research highlights the scale of the commercial opportunity for electric vehicle (EV) charging at workplaces, across van fleets, in commercial carparks and at motorway service stations.

The key finding of this new cross industry study is that the installation of EV charging infrastructure at commercial and industrial (C&I) sites across Great Britain and Germany is set to unlock significant commercial opportunities, which would be bolstered with the addition of solar photovoltaic (PV), ‘Vehicle-to-Grid’ (V2G) and energy storage installations.

Commercial and industrial sites will play a role in enabling the deployment of EVs. In both Great Britain and Germany, only about 60% of households have access to private parking at home. Availability of charge points on C&I sites such as workplaces, retail stores or motorway service stations would help enable mass electrification of transport.

Executive summary, Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Charging at Commercial and Industrial Sites

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For the full report, visit Aurora Energy Research or register here for an email with the full report in the beginning of November. 

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