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We make a better future work.*

* Every day, we drive sustainable value by developing safe, reliable and energy-efficient products, while responsibly using natural resources and protecting the health and safety of our employees and communities. Because when we work together, we can make what matters work for generations to come.

Cleaner, more dependable power

To meet the world’s growing demand for energy, it is estimated that a minimum of US$40 trillion must be invested over the next 20 years in new or updated electric-grid infrastructure worldwide. But the world can’t wait for dependable power—our grid-independent products help people manage energy and utilise renewable energy sources today. That’s why our microgrids team builds custom modular systems that efficiently scale to meet a wide range of applications. And at its core is our Power Xpert Energy Optimiser™ controller, with advanced control algorithms that help maintain system stability, shave peak demand and shift loads—all utility-proven and cyber-secure by design.

What matters to the world is cleaner, more dependable power—and we’re dedicated to delivering it.

Mobility moving forward

By 2050, almost three billion light-duty vehicles will roam roadways worldwide. When you include larger vehicles on the highways and other modes of transport in the skies, on the seas and on rails, that’s a lot of traffic—and a lot of fuel consumption.

At Eaton, the future of mobility starts with ideas that change how the world views energy. Because the only way to arrive at a greener future is to start moving forward today.

Our eMobility products enable electrified transportation. With EVs estimated to be one-third of all vehicles on the road by 2040, they could potentially reduce CO2 emissions by 3.9 million metric tons a day.

Working conditions made safer

An arc flash burns three times hotter than the surface of the sun. That’s why we’re investing more in R&D to find ways to protect equipment and people. Our Arc Quenching Magnum DS switchgear detects and extinguishes an arc flash in less than four milliseconds, dramatically reducing incident energy. Our double-door, line-side isolation switch separates the fuse base from line-side power to enhance safety. And our Wheelock Exceder LED3 fire alarm notification appliances help people to safely evacuate in the event of an emergency.

We help protect people whether they’re at home, work or play. Because safety is what matters.

Intelligent data for smarter business

The number of internet-connected “things” is expected to reach 125 billion by 2030, which will also increase the amount of energy that organisations consume. Our intelligent products gather and convert information into actionable business insights, helping our customers use energy more wisely. Our PredictPulse monitoring service collects and analyses data to make recommendations and to automatically take action. And our Product Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence helps ensure secure devices at our UL-2900 certified lab.

For today’s businesses, it’s a matter of how much—and how well—energy is used. At Eaton, we help businesses achieve their ideal power balance.

Homes for a connected future

By the year 2020, the average home will contain more than 35 connected devices.

The future of smart living balances convenience and energy efficiency. At Eaton, we’re committed to both.

From smarter lighting to data-driven appliances, we’re building products that change the way homeowners and contractors use power. Our Halo Home System groups, dims and schedules a home’s lighting to dramatically cut back on wasted energy. Our Home Automation Hub allows homeowners and contractors to integrate with smart-home systems to control a variety of intelligent devices. And our LED lighting technologies provide up to 79 % energy savings in commercial buildings.

Helping to keep the world fed

By 2050, the world’s population will exceed 9.8 billion—placing increased pressure on already insufficient food production and water resources. We’re preparing for global growth with machinery that boosts agricultural productivity and with systems that increase harvest equipment efficiencies and improve crop yield. And water quality agencies have come to rely on our automatic self-cleaning and mechanically cleaned filters to remove sediment and other suspended solids commonly found in surface and ground water, helping cities meet their watershed protection obligations and protect public health.

Having enough food and water is what matters, and we’re doing more to apply advanced technologies for the good of humankind and the planet.