Protect personnel, asset and machine reliability

Minimize your risk for business benefit

Any unsafe situation, whether it involves people or just assets, is one too many. Plus, any electrical incident could cause significant power outages and machine downtime. We understand that safety and security can not be compromised. Our focus is always on ensuring that personnel is safe and your equipment is reliable - keeping your operation running smoothly.

Enhance operator protection with advanced energy management

Our molded case circuit breakers are known globally for reliable operator and asset protection. With the new generation of digital circuit breakers now available, operator protection during maintenance has been greatly improved. Additionally, the integrated, highly accurate sensing functionality provides almost all available data from the electrical circuit. Several communication options make it easy to collect this information and make it available for data analytics or energy management systems. This is a big step to enable your operation to become digital and more efficient.

Ensure business continuity with residual current control

Residual currents can become a major risk to business continuity as they may cause outages or even fires. The protection of circuits with reliable residual current breakers (RCD) is essential to every operation. But in critical environments, like those with water and high humidity, the reliability of a standard RCD may be affected. With our digital RCD, you can be sure that your operation is protected against risks from residual currents even in challenging conditions. 

Designing safe electrical circuits according to UL / CSA standards

When building machines and systems for the North American market, the design of the electrical circuits and the correct choice of protection, switching or pilot devices is dependent on understanding UL / CSA codes and standards. Getting the right information and support on the regulations and when they change is essential for machine builders working globally. The combination of a broad database of documentation, plus training and support teams, and access to a wide portfolio of certified products makes us the ideal partner.

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