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While working in harsh recovery environments, it is critical to address the challenges of increased risk to people and assets, as well as rising costs. See how we can help you de-man and de-risk your upstream oil and gas operations.

De-man & de-risk recovery operations

Tougher and more remote land and subsea exploration recovery environments drive higher costs and increase risk to your people and reputation. The push to “de-man” is not only driven by physical risk. Rising costs and shortage of expertise is putting more pressure on your bottom line.

Reduce risk for greater control

To decrease the manpower needed to run your onshore or offshore drilling operations more safely and for less cost, trust the only partner that can offer customized electrical, hydraulic and filtration products and services. Smaller, lighter equipment reduces the footprint, weight and cost of offshore rigs and platforms while remote monitoring protects people and assets.


Our engineering resources, coupled with our solutions, can help you improve overall project management, favorably impacting your bottom line. Helping you reduce energy consumption improves margins, while our delivery and service standardization helps you evolve from planned to “as needed” maintenance.

Enduring 20-year subsea duty under severe pressure conditions

See how Eaton Synflex hose lends a hand in helping Brazil triple oil production by 2020

Featured products & services

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Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding
Explosion-proof enclosures
Explosion-proof enclosures
High performance ladder HPL
High performance ladder HPL series
Integrated power assemblies (E-houses)
Industrial hoses
Industrial hoses
Hazardous area training
Hazardous area training