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Location: Warsaw, Poland

Segment: Material handling systems

Solution: Rapid Link 4.0, PKZ, DILM, MSC-D, MSC-R, RMQ-Titan, ESR

Contact: Eaton Electric Sp. z o.o. ul. Galaktyczna 30 80-299 Gdańsk, Poland

Paulina Mędrek

The baggage handling system is one of the most essential passenger support systems at any airport. A high level of automation enables a more efficient passenger service and also increases the terminal capacity.
Izomet is a company that specialises in the automation of baggage handling systems. Based on a combination of years of experience, technical expertise and an innovative approach to the integration of automation systems, Izomet was able to design and implement a baggage handling system with an operational capacity of 1,800 bags per hour. This was made possible by the Rapid Link 4.0 distributed drive control system and other Eaton components.

Rapid Link 4.0 is an electronic, distributed drive control system that has been specifically developed for use in material handling applications at airports and logistic centres. It includes DOL starter (RAMO-D), reversing starter (RAMO-W) and speed controller (RASP) modules. Since the modules are installed in the immediate vicinity of the conveyor drives, the system was designed with IP65 degree of protection. The RAMO modules are rugged and durable, with a service life of up to 10 million operations and up to 3,000 cycles per hour. The main advantages of the Rapid Link 4.0 system include ease of use and the easy configuration and programming of the modules. The rotation direction, overload current value and the operating mode of the digital inputs can be set and controlled directly on the device by means of micro-switches.

Rapid Link 4.0 can also communicate with AS-Interface networks. Depending on the selected device type, it supports the following two profiles: AS-i – 7.4 (max. 31 devices in the AS-i network) or 7.A.E (max. 62 devices in the AS-i network).

For the distributed control of the baggage handling system at Terminal 1 of Warsaw Chopin Airport, Izomet used RAMO-D DOL starter and RAMO-W reversing starter modules. In this case, it was not necessary to install any drive modules directly on the conveyors.

The motors are controlled via MSC-D DOL starters and MSC-R reversing starters located inside the control panels. Thanks to the combination of Izomet’s software and the optic sensors connected to the digital inputs of the RAMO module, the master system can estimate the position of baggage items with an accuracy of several centimetres, and can also detect collisions and any conveyor errors. Safety components from Eaton (including the ESR safety relays and RMQ-Titan safety pushbuttons) ensure the operational safety of the system and the protection of baggage handling personnel.


Thanks to Eaton’s Rapid Link 4.0 system, Izomet was able to implement a baggage handling system with an operational capacity of up to 1,800 bags per hour. This makes baggage handling more efficient and increases passenger comfort, and the Izomet visualisation system also enables staff to quickly locate specific baggage items and to detect possible collision points and handling errors.