Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting plays a critical role in building safety and particularly in an evacuation scenario. It is designed to provide prompt, automatic lighting in an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and the normal mains lighting fails.

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Eaton’s New FlexiTech Emergency lighting range provides a unique one-box safety solution

FlexiTech is a new range of flexible exit signs and safety lighting that provides the installer with everything that they need to meet a specification from just one box. Both FlexiTech ED (Exit sign Dual position) exit signage and FlexiTech SE (Safety lighting for Escape route illumination) safety lighting present a straightforward and modern design adapted to suit various types of buildings.
FlexiTech ED with DUAL innovation from wall to ceiling position

DualGuard-S - The next generation central battery system from the largest manufacturer of emergency lighting

The DualGuard-S central battery system supplies safety and escape sign luminaires with reliable power (230 V AC/220 V DC), automatically checks itself and monitors each of the connected CG-S luminaires (up to 20 per circuit) directly via the supply cable.
Eaton's DualGuard-S emergency lighting central battery system

VisionGuard - Manage up to 1 million emergency lighting fixtures anywhere, anytime

As the successor to our successful CGVision software, the powerful new visualization software VisionGuard offers state-of-the-art monitoring, control and configuration. Designed for all current Windows environments based on WIN10 or Windows Server 2016/2019, the software covers all common application types, from dedicated PC workstations to virtualized environments with remote access.
Eaton VisionGuard on mobile, tablet and display