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Drill and blast

Drilling and rock blasting is challenging and dangerous work. Keeping up with the daily demand and delivering on operational uptime requires high levels of efficiency. But it must be done without compromising the safety of your people.

Strengthen your operational efficiency

The success of your operation is often measured by how much drilling can be done in the least amount of time. Productivity is critical when margins are tight. Finding opportunities for energy and operational efficiency can mean the difference between achieving milestones and falling behind schedule.

Drive uptime and ensure safety

Fast cycle times, time-saving systems and maximum energy efficiency are basic necessities. Our hydraulic and electrical horsepower helps you drill faster while our safety innovations, like gas detection and CCTV, protect both your operators and your operation. You can expect the power, productivity, fuel and energy efficiencies you need from our deep portfolio of products and services, which are available all around the world.

Delivering smooth operation over rough terrain

See how our DuraForce pumps keep Terramac RT9 rubber-tracked crawlers moving.