Our world is digitised, networked and connected. Artificial intelligence and advanced data-sharing provide many benefits, but they can also make your organisation vulnerable to attack. Resilience against cyberattack is critical. We can help.

Product security has never been more important

Connected devices and the vast amounts of data they generate create opportunities as well as risks: from manufacturing and testing to installation and service. 

A security breach can result in operational downtime and/or data loss, as well as impact safety, life-cycle costs and your reputation—any one of which can seriously impact customer loyalty and your bottom line.

As organisations expand their digital footprint, it becomes an imperative to protect the availability, integrity and confidentiality of their systems. Cybersecurity threats must be taken seriously and met proactively with a system-wide defensive approach specific to organisational needs.

We recognise that no protection method is completely secure. A “defence in depth” mechanism that is effective today may not be effective tomorrow because the ways and means of cyberattacks constantly change. This is why administrators of industrial control system networks must be ever-alert to changes in cybersecurity and work to prevent any potential vulnerabilities. 


Taking the lead in cybersecurity

There are more mobile smart devices than people in the world. Imagine the potential when digital intelligence is fully integrated into machines, buildings, homes and vehicles.

Not only do we employ artificial intelligence and advanced machinery in our facilities, we also help our customers do the same. Cybersecurity is at the core of our “secure by design” philosophy, and it’s embedded in all the Intelligent Power products and platforms we bring to market.

Our secure development approach helps us manage cybersecurity risks in our products through the entire product life cycle: from threat modelling, requirements analysis implementation and verification to ongoing maintenance.

Eaton brings multiple UL-authorised cybersecurity test labs online with industry-first products

With our UL-accredited lab environments, we can test products with any form of intelligence or embedded logic following industry established frameworks and standards.

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