Office of the Ombuds

Not sure where to turn? Talk confidentially and off-the-record with a neutral Ombudsperson.

How can the Ombuds help you?

What do you do if you have a concern in the workplace? Or if you see something you believe may violate Eaton’s values or policies? An ombudsperson is a neutral, independent source you can talk to confidentially and off-the-record about work-related concerns or questions. They can help you address and resolve your concerns.

The Ombuds Office is a safe and reliable place to have confidential and off-the-record discussions about workplace problems or concerns.

Craig Arnold, Chairman and CEO

Discussions are off-the-record

Matters discussed with the Ombuds are off-the-record, which means they do not constitute formal notice to Eaton. The Ombuds will identify and discuss with you other channels at Eaton that exist for notice.


What to expect when you contact the Ombuds

  • Your question or concern will be taken seriously and responded to promptly, discreetly and professionally.
  • Think of the Ombuds as a coach who listens to you — and then helps determine the nature and extent of your concern, the pros and cons of different options to address it and an approach for taking it forward.
  • You determine the action to be taken. The Ombuds will not take action or tell anyone about your conversations, not even Eaton, unless you explicitly give permission to do so. The only exception is a situation of imminent risk of serious harm.
  • Ombuds supplements, but does not replace, formal conflict resolution channels such as ethics and compliance, human resources, management, the employee assistance program (EAP), or the health, safety and quality departments.

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