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PEAK Transformer

Raising capacity for ever-rising electricity demands.

In an always-on, ever-connected world, the need for power never stops. Grids get smarter. Devices get more powerful. Cars switch from gas to electricity. And through it all, electric power voltage transformers are expected to deliver — working harder than ever, and powering our cities more efficiently and sustainably.

Eaton has long been a leader in power management, driving technology advances well ahead of the industry. Nearly 60 years ago, engineers from our Cooper Power Systems business were the first to design and sell the 65 AWR transformer, which soon became the standard. And we’ve been advancing it ever since. So when customer standards paved the way to transition from mineral-oil filled transformers to renewable vegetable-based oils, Eaton was ahead of the curve.

Video: PEAK Transformers provide increased overload capacity or a smaller, lighter footprint.

Optimizing overload capacity and reliability in a smaller footprint.

When it comes to delivering utility-grade power, proven reliability and safety are paramount. That’s why using an Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid in transformers has a lot of benefits. It’s fully biodegradable, has a high fire-point and high overloadability. It’s also great at keeping moisture out of the insulating paper inside transformers. This makes the thermal kraft paper in the coil windings last longer.

Because moisture and thermal stress is the enemy of transformer insulation system life, Eaton has been battle-testing ester-based dielectric coolant in transformers longer than anyone. All that knowledge and experience comes together in the PEAK fluid-filled transformer. Its superior moisture and thermal stress managing capabilities allow for extended insulation system life, which contributes to better overall system reliability by reducing the frequency of outages due to transformer failures.

PEAK transformers are designed to accommodate higher overload capacity than traditional mineral-oil filled transformers — which is important when specifying a transformer and planning its useful life. PEAK transformer technology accommodates loading up to 112%. So when electricity usage spikes, there is less breakdown in the insulation system when compared to traditional oil-filled transformers. PEAK transformers can also be designed smaller and lighter than traditional mineral oil-filled units, which can save space and operating and handling costs. And PEAK transformers use FR3 a natural ester-based dielectric coolant that, with its high fire point, has had zero reported fires in over 19 years of service.

Envirotemp™ and FR3™ are licensed trademarks of Cargill, incorporated.

Energizing your business.

The PEAK transformer is a true example how Eaton is constantly leveraging innovation to drive innovation: Testing, validating and optimizing the product design to work with a coolant like FR3 to deliver better transformer performance and reliability, with a lower total cost of ownership. It’s one more way that Eaton is helping industry meet the rising need for power more efficiently and sustainably than ever before.

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