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New flexibility for low- to mid-complexity applications

A real alternative to micro PLCs: The next generation of control relays

Historically, many low to medium complexity applications had to be operated using a standard PLC because traditional control relays did not offer the required flexibility and resources. Development times and the cost per machine can now be significantly reduced thanks to the next generation of smart control relays with Ethernet communications and programming flexibility using structured text. 

Simple machine building projects can quickly become more complex when they are undergoing design revisions. In the past, traditional control relays could get to their limits of functionality or connectable I/O . The new generation of intelligent control relays is breaking these boundaries with notably more connectable I/O, fast Ethernet and web server functionality and modular programming using structured text. These smart relays today provide an extremely competitive alternative to small PLCs.


Application: material handling systems

With the easyE4, the next generation of smart control relays, it is now possible to implement more flexible application designs.

By using ‘ST’, you are able to do more than integrate simple logic into the function blocks. Now you can create complex function blocks that are as sophisticated as those provided by the manufacturer.

Ulrich Kanngießer, Expert author and specialist for small control systems
The application description for material handling systems describes how easy it is to design modular applications using customized, reusable function blocks. By integrating these tested function blocks in the function block diagram or the ladder diagram, they can be easily implemented and configured, even without any prior programming knowledge, thereby reducing the commissioning time of the project.   

Future proof machine control products

Now you can transcend the limitations of traditional control and logic relays. Create modular applications that will grow and evolve with your machines.

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easyE4 control relay with display
easyE4 smart control relay with display
easyE4 control relay without display
easyE4 control relay without display
easyE4 I/O unit big
easyE4 I/O unit big
easyE4 I/O unit small
easyE4 I/O unit small
Touch panel XV100 for easyE4
Touch panel XV100 for easyE4, in 3,5'', 5,5'' or 7''. Bigger sizes are available.

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