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Intelligent power distribution unit - active

The next generation high-voltage intelligent power distribution unit (iPDU) monitors and manages all power distributed to power electronics and provides central protection for the electrical system. The iPDU features smart  diagnostics for improved vehicle power management, enabling added vehicle performance.

intelligent power distribution unit iPDU active

Core features

  • Preventive health monitoring technology that communicates operational status and diagnostics of fuses and contactors with the vehicle via Controller Area Network (CAN). This communication facilitates improved management of vehicle systems
  • Actively monitors fuse life based on usage history and current performance
  • Actively monitors current flow through each fuse – eliminating the need for stand-alone current sensors and allowing OEMs to do more with the data
  • Seamless over-current protection between fuse(s) and contactor(s)
  • Optional ground fault detection for load circuits

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