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proportional control valves | screw-in cartridge valves | eaton
Maximum flexibility and minimum space
Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)
Up to 160 L/min (42 gal/min)

Choose your flow control

Choose from a wide range of proportional valves, including options such as:

  • Bi-directional or uni-directional
  • Poppet or spool
  • Normally closed or normally open
  • Relief or inverse relief
  • Pressure reducing
  • Nose-in, side-out or side-in, nose-out flow direction

Hardened and ground materials

All operating parts are made from hardened and ground steel, which provides maximum durability and leak protection.

Enhanced corrosion protection

Eaton cartridge valves and coils can be supplied with zinc plating, and aluminum manifolds can be anodized to improve corrosion resistance.



Pulse width modulation (PWM) control circuits recommended

Get the most accurate control using PWM-controlled hydraulic circuits and Eaton proportional valves.

Internally rectified coils

Eaton internally rectifies standard AC coils to supply them with DC current and avoid an "in-rush" current.

Reliable, precise control in a compact package

With maximum hysteresis of 7%, the ESV9 four-way, three-position proportional valve is best-in-class for precise control in a variety of applications.

The ESVL9 five-way, three-position proportional valve features a patent-pending integrated load sense check valve. Integrating the check valve in the main cartridge results in a 21% manifold size reduction compared to external check valves available on traditional five-ported directional control valves.

Both valves feature optimized flow forces and jet as well as a dual-spring design, for stable, even flow control.

Eaton ESVL9 valve

Hands-on help from an engineer

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to somebody in person. Get in-person technical support for your next custom manifold design project from local application engineers with Eaton’s SiCV Integrator Program.