Digital innovation

Discover how the union of connected devices, data and insights efficiently solves critical power management challenges.

Welcome to the era of intelligent power management

We’re re-imagining innovation by adapting digital technologies – connected devices, data models and insights – to transform power management for safer and more sustainable and efficient power use. 

Power is how work gets done. And digitalisation – mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, sensors and analytics technologies – rapidly enables you to manage and optimise power in real time to provide more value to you and your customers. 

With access to the right data, and the proper tools and services to understand them and put them to work, you can seize opportunities to deliver new business benefits and enable digital transformation in your organisation while optimising your day-to-day operations. That’s the power of intelligent power management.

Our approach to digital innovation

From optimising digital solution development and delivery to improving the ways you access data from assets in the field, we embrace digitalisation through four digital pillars that drive our strategy:

  • Delivering new intelligent power management solutions – We unite connectivity, design, data science and cybersecurity innovations with industry expertise to provide digitally-native products, software applications and insights.
  • Creating engaging customer experiences – We work closely with customers and partners to provide exceptional customer experiences by uniting the right front-end digital tools with our back-end processes.
  • Enabling the digital factories of the future – We leverage Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing and factory-floor automation by extending digital connectivity from our supply chain to our factories.
  • Boosting internal productivity – We analyse the nature of the work our employees do every day and leverage digital tools to improve and enable efficiency.

Bringing digital innovation to light

We innovate intelligent power management solutions to help you generate actionable insights and optimise power use, all while ensuring cyber-secure devices and environments.


We’re bringing the digital future to light. Brightlayer is the foundation from which you can capitalise on the data that drive operational value. Access data, insights and digital solutions in the way that best suits your business needs. Leverage our open, extensible digital platform. Deploy our industry-focused digital solution suites. Collaborate through our experience hub. See how Brightlayer can help you to more efficiently solve critical power management challenges.

Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution – the digitalisation of traditional manufacturing processes – is well under way. And the companies that embrace leveraging digital technologies to redefine how products are planned, built, used and maintained are realising significant ROI.


The innovations that connected devices can inspire are limitless. But with every connection comes the possibility of risk. As the ways and means of cyberattacks are constantly changing, our secure-by-design philosophy ensures that security is engineered into the connected devices we manufacture. Learn how our approach works to manage cybersecurity risks through the entire product life cycle.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital connectivity is needed everywhere – on manufacturing floors, in utility grids, in facilities, in vehicles and in the home. We innovate intelligent power management solutions that collect data, learn and provide actionable insights to optimise power use and continuity. See how our IoT technologies can positively impact your products, processes and bottom line.