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Eaton demonstrates accountability for sustainability practices and performance at the highest levels of governance

Strong systems and processes

We recognise that we need strong governance systems and processes to ensure that we deliver on our vision and on our financial and aspirational goals. 

Our corporate governance policies establish a common set of expectations and governance practices that guide our senior management and Board of Directors. Our corporate sustainability strategy and performance are governed by the Board of Directors and the Senior Leadership Committee and are guided by the Sustainability Governance Council (SGC). The SGC is comprised of 35 representatives from across the global enterprise. The group meets regularly to advance our strategy, discuss our response to emerging issues and ensure that we have a unified position on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Learn more about our corporate governance policies and charters.


Integrating sustainability performance with financial performance and providing monetary incentives for meeting goals

We communicate our EHS performance in conjunction with our annual financial reporting to stakeholders. We evaluate our performance against the goals developed annually by our Senior Leadership Council. Once established, we communicate our goals across our business units. We ensure that this communication reaches down through our organisation to our manufacturing service and other operations within the company.

We assess the progress towards reaching these goals through our APEX program. APEX enables us to evaluate each employee against established goals and conformance to company values. We leverage these APEX performance evaluations to make compensation and other financial incentive decisions for all employees and executive leaders.

Meeting and exceeding our sustainability goals is essential to our overall business success. To encourage progress across our business, we provide incentives for achieving high performance. Our corporate executive team receives a monetary reward when we achieve the annual emissions reduction targets set by our CEO. Additionally, all employees have the opportunity to receive awards celebrating excellence in the workplace. We design the awards process to engage the entire workforce in our progress. We also aim to increase the development and transfer of best practices through these awards.

Our awards recognise practices enhancing our energy efficiency and sustainability progress. Awards highlighting sustainability achievement include our Continuous Improvement Award, Engineer of the Year and Eaton Business Excellence, among others.