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*Eaton’s portfolio of connected lighting solutions leverages the real-estate of the physical light fixture to increase building, business and community operating efficiency through controls and data. With connected lighting solutions, we go beyond controlling light to solve higher complexity problems enabled by sensing and communication capabilities within the light fixture itself.
With innovation you can rely on, and connections you can build on; that’s how Eaton makes connections work.

Distributed Low-Voltage Power

The low-voltage system that’s practically plug and play. No more struggling to find qualified electrical labor for your job site. No more waiting weeks for commissioning teams. No more compliance woes. Eliminate costly project delays with our groundbreaking Distributed Low-Voltage Power System, and save up to 20% on the total installed cost of your LED lighting and controls system.

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Wireless, code-compliant, and cost-effective for today. The WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System has the most out-of-the-box functionality on the market for indoor and outdoor applications. WaveLinx is a cost-effective method for deploying a sensor network that not only meets code requirements but creates a foundation for future IoT value-added applications

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iLumin Plus

Eaton’s iLumin Plus is one single lighting control solution for all traditional wired control application needs. This DIN Rail based lighting control system is capable of supporting energy management, code compliance, DMX lighting and individual addressable lighting control applications, all from a single platform. Each panel configuration is fully networkable and commissioned via the iCANsoft Suite software package.

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Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity allows for centralized facility management, putting building optimization in the hands of those most suited for the task — IT professionals who hold the keys to the building’s critical data.

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LumaWatt Pro

Lighting infrastructure exists everywhere. LumaWatt Pro transforms a lighting system into an IoT infrastructure with limitless potential to keep up with the growing service demands of people, property and resources. LumaWatt Pro is a distributed network of smart LED lighting fixtures with integrated sensing and beacon technology that captures real-time data; making your facility smarter so you can make smarter decisions.

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Connected Home

Eaton’s Connected Home offers ZigBee and Bluetooth enabled lighting products that can be easily configured by using a smartphone or tablet. The system allows the user to securely connect, automate and control lighting products throughout the interior and exterior of the home.

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What system is right for me?

DLVP WaveLinx iLumin Plus PoE LumaWatt Pro
Interior or Exterior Space Interior Both Interior Interior Both
Standalone or Network Standalone Both Network Network Network
Low Voltage Yes     Yes  
Basic Code-compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Connectivity   Yes     Yes
Enterprise Level Business Integration   Yes Yes Yes (IT Based) Yes
Value Added Services         Yes

Eaton has innovative and reliable solutions that fully optimize space and specific usage requirements for every application. Simply. Intelligently. Efficiently.

As energy costs continue to rise, elected officials, city and campus managers face complex challenges. For “cities” of all sizes, simple, practical lighting solutions have never been more crucial.

As homes become more integrated with technology, we create innovative and exciting residential lighting solutions that seamlessly connect the two.

The Eaton Difference

We use a simple, systematic approach to unlock the full potential of connected lighting. We use connected lighting to make what matters work.