Wireless Connected Lighting System

ConnectWorks centralized wireless outdoor lighting management system helps unlock solutions to today’s complex challenges and rising energy costs facing communities, cities and campuses. ConnectWorks makes it simple to wirelessly program and control a network of outdoor lighting to unlock maximum energy efficiency and less lighting outages. So the lights are on exactly when you need them to be, delivering better community safety and better community connections.


Uncomplicated. Powerful. Affordable.

Eaton’s ConnectWorks Connected Lighting System is built for those who want to harness full system control yet still maximize their savings.

No more waiting for a complaint to show up. Know the real-time status of every light fixture in your network, including the fault status of any issues. Enable one-trip fixes and automated alerts or work orders with ConnectWorks.
Know exactly how many light fixtures are in your network and know exactly where they are. With Eaton’s ConnectWorks, customers get an accurate visual representation of all lighting assets on a familiar Google Maps interface using GPS coordinates — all without any manual mapping or data entry.