Space application - Reduce real estate costs based on actionable insights across your real estate portfolio

The utilization rate for leased spaces
is less than 50%


The LumaWatt Pro platform, together with the Enlighted Space application, automates data collection and analysis. Data is analyzed continuously and presented in real-time comprehensive reports


Granular Data.  Software applications transform data into actionable insights.   Digital Sensors.  LED lighting with integrated smart sensors collect granular data in real time.  Smart Buildings.  Improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety lead to smarter buildings.

The Enlighted Space application, powered by data collected by
LumaWatt Pro sensors, enables organizations to understand and
optimize their actual building usage, while improving productivity

Gain the power of information

Enlighted's Space application provides actionable insight into building usage. Seeing detailed, non-intrusive views of workspaces and employee movement allows you to increase productivity, optimize workspaces, and drive cost-saving initiatives.

Make better real estate
decisions with visual insights

Real Time Occupancy Data that shows how the space is utilized.

Occupancy vs Utilization:

  • Percent Occupancy is calculated if any sensor detects occupancy in a given time frame within a given space
  • Percent Utilization is calculated by the number of sensors that detects motion vs the total number of sensors in a given space
  • Determine your occupancy and space utilization in a given space within a time frame

Get visibility into your real estate assets and identify poorly / overly used areas.

  • Enterprise-level dashboard
  • Space utilization metrics – by campus, building, business unit, department, or other organizational dimensions
  • Insights into how utilization changes over time

In-depth monitoring to get insights that maximize asset and people productivity

Motion Trails

Motion trails shows how
people move through a space
over time which can help
facility managers reduce the
number of congested areas


Heat maps offer accurate
insight into building usage,
detailed occupancy views
and patterns using the
data collected


Real-time occupsancy data
showing how people are moving
through a space. This data is
useful to audit security and
optimizing building services.

Case Study: Upward spiral of real estate cost

Space allowed the company to ensure it was making business decisions based on facts versus long-term existing perceptions.

Case Study: Bursting at the seams

Upon reconfiguration for additional users, the space achieved its targeted 50% utilization
and the company would realize $380,800 every year of deferred real estate costs.

Case Study: Underutilized Office Space

Potential lease cost reduction of more than $2 million a year.