Trellix Admin

Our suite of thoughtful microservices is designed for the modern workforce —and highly customizable to meet each facility’s unique needs.

Administration Made Simple

The easy-to-use Trellix Admin tool lets you manage user accounts, user’s area of responsibility (specific areas, floors, buildings), users’ applications access and user roles. 

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System Management 

Perform system back-ups, restore OS/services, manage your email server, and access firewall and general system settings— all from a single location.

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User Management 

Give your team members the information they need, without confusing them with data or features that aren’t relevant to them. The easy-to-use Trellix Admin tool lets you customize roles, permissions, and alerts.

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Demand Response

Take advantage of the incentives offered by utility companies by participating to on-going Demand Response (DR) programs.

Let our experts walk you through Trellix Connected Building Lighting System, and help you find solutions for your business.

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