Trellix Lighting

Take complete control of your lighting across multiple floors, buildings —
even multiple sites — for optimal energy efficiency and code compliance.

Lighting Control, At Your Fingertips

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can control your lighting from anywhere with Trellix’s mobile-enabled apps. 
View your entire lighting system on a map, and use the powerful suite of tools to optimize your lighting’s 
efficiency and functionality.

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Alarms and Events with Smart Tips 

Get alerted to outages and other system health issues, so you can address issues with minimal disruption. You can receive detailed alerts via the app and/or email, eliminating the need for routine checks. Smart Tips also provides time saving suggestions to resolve issues.

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Energy Dashboard

Analyze historical usage data across multiple areas, floors, buildings, and sites, to visualize where you’re using the most energy and identify areas for improvement.

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Use the Trellix intuitive scheduling interface to manage lighting and controlled receptacle schedules for one or more buildings – all from a central location.

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From one fixture to the entire building, lighting control is at your fingertips. Monitor devices, update dimming schedules, send light control commands, and much more – across buildings, floors and areas.

Let our experts walk you through Trellix Connected Building Lighting System, and help you find solutions for your business.

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