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BECODISC BT stacked disc cartridges are used for clarifying filtration in the chemical, cosmetic and food industries. The filter sheets remove particles of a coarse, crystalline, amorphous or gel-like structure perfectly. An extremely wide range of filtration tasks can be performed according to given specifications, even with highly viscous liquids.

Filter Material
Cellulose with mineral components (B27T / B40T without mineral components)
Coarse, clarifying and fine filtration
FDA, EC1935

Core features

  • Efficient filtration through high-dirt holding capacity
  • Differentiated fiber and pore structure (internal surface area) for various applications and special process conditions
  • Reliable filtration effect through an ideal combination of the depth filter and the adsorptive potential
  • Maximum purity of raw material for minimum contamination on filtrate
  • Comprehensive quality assurance of all raw materials and additives. Intensive in-process control guarantees

BECODISC BT for Coarse Filtration
B15T, B20T, B25T, B30T 

The BECODISC stacked disc cartridges for coarse filtration have filter active components with a mineral basis for clarification of liquids with coarse crystalline and amorphous or gelatinous particle structures. These cartridges are suitable for highly viscous liquids.


  • Polishing filtration of concentrated sugar solutions of approx. 65 °Brix
  • Filtration of edible oils, vegetable extracts, liquid gelatin, oils and separation of bleaching earth
  • Possible applications also include removing of activated carbon
  • Depending upon particle distribution of the activated carbon can even be achieved in a single step filtration process

Special Stacked Disc Cartridges with Low Ash Content
B27T, B40T

The BECODISC special stacked disc cartridges with low ash content were designed to meet the high filtration demands of the chemical industry. By the implementation and selection of high pure filter cellulose, the content of washable ions is remarkably low. These stacked disc cartridges are produced with components containing low ions; therefore, the migration of iron or aluminum ions can be reduced to the detection limit.


  • Filtering sugar
  • Removing activated carbon


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit wine
  • Fine chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals


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