Design a more energy-efficient machine

How to reduce your carbon footprint and increase profits

For the vast majority of businesses today, reducing energy consumption is a top goal. The benefits are obvious. Cutting energy costs for a lower utility bill, avoiding extra fees from utilities, receiving government benefits and - last but not least - protecting the environment. See how our products and services can help you reduce your footprint and increase profit.

Starting and protecting energy-efficient motors

In many applications, energy-efficient motors can help reduce machine or total process energy consumption. Due to the high inrush current of energy-efficient motors as compared to standard asynchronous motors, there may still be applications where a standard motor could be the more cost-effective option. Work with our experts to select the right motor control device and reduce the energy consumption of your machine and application.

Reduce energy consumption in hydraulic applications

With hydraulic or other pumping applications, the energy reduction that can be achieved by modifying the power train is notably higher than just optimising the electric motor alone. When converting constant speed pump applications into variable intelligent hydraulic power units (HPUs), the energy savings can be as high as 70 %. As one of the few global suppliers offering electrical and hydraulic components, we can help you design a system that will boost your results.

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