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Alarms & signalling devices
Askari Panel & Flange - Sounders for panels & equipment housings
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Askari Panel Mounting Sounder, White, Tone Select Switch, Volume Control,AP/W/S/VC 560002FULL-0072
Askari Panel Mounting Sounder, Red, Tone Select Switch, Volume Control,AP/R/S/VC 560013FULL-0021
Askari Panel, 24V, White Base, Switch, Volume Control, AP/SV/W/S/VC/24VAC 562002FULL-0076
Askari Flange Mounting Sounder, Red, Tone Select Switch, Volume Control, AF/R/S/VC  570033FULL-0058
Askari Flange Mounting Sounder, White, Tone Select Switch, Volume Control, AF/W/S/VC 570011FULL-0054

Technical Specifications

  Askari Panel Askari Flange
Voltage: 9-28Vdc
Current: 18mA (Typical tone 3) 18mA (Typical tone 3)
Sound Output: 92dB(A) 92dB(A) (Typical tone 3)
Tones: 32 32
Temperature: -25°C to +70°C -25°C to +70°C
Protection: IP65 IP65
Weight: 0.09Kg 0.09Kg
Colours: Red or White Red or White
Construction: ABS ABS
Alarm Stages: N/a 2

Need product support?

Need product support?

Phone: 01753 608 700, option 3 then option 4

Bespoke engineering for OEM applications

One of our principles in the development of a new product is diversity – we aim to create a standalone product which has the ability to integrate OEM interfaces and protocols to create a custom addressable solution. Our Research and Development team has worked with multiple OEM customers and engineers in the project management, hardware / firmware design, and certification process to create a design which incorporates into any OEM fire system.
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