Alarms & signaling devices
Fire rated alarm & signalling bases (shallow, deep & 'U' bases)
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Product Codes

Shallow Red Base + Locking Screw Shallow Base, Red, RED SHALLOW BASE 593005FULL-0212
Deep Base + Locking Screw Deep Base, Red, RED DEEP BASE 593001FULL-0139
U Red Base + Locking Screw U Base, Red, U BASE RED 590020FULL-0189
Shallow White Base + Locking Screw Shallow Base, White, BASE SHALLOW WHITE 593006FULL-0118
Deep White Base + Locking Screw Deep Base, White, WHITE DEEP BASE STANDARD 593002FULL-0017
U White Base + Locking Screw U Base White, U BASE WHITE 590021FULL-0099
Combi Base 2 x Deep Base, Red CB/2/R 593004FULL-0034
Combi Base 3 x Deep Base, Red CB/3/R 593008FULL-0321
Combi Base 4 x Deep Base, Red CB/4/R 593009FULL-0322
Combi Base 2 x Deep Base, White CB/2/W 593010FULL-0323
Combi Base 3 x Deep Base, White CB/3/W 593011FULL-0324
Combi Base 4 x Deep Base, White CB/4/W 593012FULL-0325
Midi Angle Base, Red (Pack of 10), MA/R1/G 599031FULL-0363
Midi Angle Base, White (Pack of 10), MA/W1/G 599032FULL-0364
Midi U Base, Red (Pack of 10), MU/R1/G 599033FULL-0365
Midi U Base, White (Pack of 10), MU/W1/G 599034FULL-0366
Industrial bases  
Powered Deep Base, Red 631201FUL-0109
Powered Deep Base, White 631202FUL-0117


Format: Circular bases with bayonet style detents
Lock: Screw
Compatibility Sounders: RoLP (Roshni Low Profile)
Compatibility Beacons: Solex (3C & 10C only), Solista
Compatibility AV Units: Flashni, RoLP Solista
Protection: Shallow Base - IP54
Deep & U Base - IP65
Weight: Shallow Base - 0.1 Kg
Deep & U Base - 0.2Kg
Colour: Red or White
Cable Entries: Shallow Base - Single rear entry - 1 0mm Ø Side knockouts for surface laid cable up to 6mm Ø
Deep Base - Knockouts for 2 x 20mm Ø entries at 180º Single 20mm entry may be drilled at rear
U Base - For 2 adjacent 20mm entries Single 20mm entry may be drilled at rear

Bespoke engineering for OEM applications

One of our principles in the development of a new product is diversity – we aim to create a standalone product which has the ability to integrate OEM interfaces and protocols to create a custom addressable solution. Our Research and Development team has worked with multiple OEM customers and engineers in the project management, hardware / firmware design, and certification process to create a design which incorporates into any OEM fire system.
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