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Flashni - Xenon sounder beacon fire alarm

The Fulleon Flashni is an audible and visual device which requires one single installation point.

It greatly reduces installation costs and is less obtrusive than the equivalent of installing two separate devices. Out of the box it includes 32 user selectable tones along with volume control to alter the product to suit the application. 

Versions are available with the sounder and beacon linked, or with separate terminals for independent operation. This is suitable for fire, industrial and signalling applications which require a combined indication device.

360° safety
Beacon's xenon flash tube will alert over a wide area
Only a single installation point is needed
Cost effective
Combined sounder & beacon reduces installation time & project costs

Protect whats important with 360 degree safety


Visual notification over a wide area can be challenging, but this can be easily overcome when xenon flash tubes are used in a fire notification device.

With their high light output, xenon flash tubes maximise the attention attracting potential of the devices that they form a part of, and this high output also means that they are ideal for alerting over a wide area. 

Another benefit of xenon flash tubes is that they emit the same amount of light in every direction without fluctuation. This coupled with the circular design of a device, like the Flashni, means that equal light intensity will be emitted around 360° over a wide area.

Flashni's xenon beacon also offers the option to control the flash independently, enabling a staged alert depending on the application.

Low current, high performance, a leading specification

The Flashni, drawing on RoLP sounder technology, is likewise a leader in efficiency and dependability, its wide range of selectable tones makes it a signalling leader in conventional fire system sounders. With 32 tones to choose from (6 fire approved) it's easy to adapt the sounder so that it's fit for purpose in terms of both fire notification and general signalling options.

A history deeply rooted in early communications technology

With over 2 million Roshni Low Profile (RoLP) sounders sold in the last 5 years alone, its dependability is apparent, but how did this conventional fire alarm sounder come to be? The brainchild of Fulleon, the RoLP was invented in 1980 by cleverly incorporating the technology used in telephone transducers. Now in its fifth generation, it has been one of the key building blocks of the then Fulleon, now Eaton product portfolio.

A sounder beacon that can easily handle the elements

With its polycarbonate lens and ABS body, the Flashni sounder beacon can easily withstand harsh environments. Its ability to protect against heavy rain, dust, snow and ice makes it a suitable product for almost any industrial application.

The wide viewing angle, and range of colours, has made the Flashni range the go-to sounder beacon in industrial installations.

James Morgan, Global Product Manager

An internationally compliant sounder solution for conventional fire systems

The RoLP fire alarm sounder range has been third-party certified to meet fire regulatory requirements across Europe and throughout the Middle East, Africa and Australasia including EN54. Adapted by many countries worldwide thanks to its stringent manufacturing quality audits and battery of laboratory product tests. You can bet your life on the EN54 certified RoLP to alert when it matters most.

Loud and Clear. Alerting when a life depends on it.

From commercial premises to off-shore oil platforms, an acoustic alert is typically the primary method of alarm.

Eaton has a library of over 100 industry-standard alerting tones to ensure that your notification is heard every time. Voice alert messages are available in multiple languages for fire evacuation, security or safety.

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Match product to project with easy customisation

With 5 different bases to choose from, and with a range of conduit entries, ingress protection ratings and aesthetic options, the Flashni sounder beacon can be tailored to suit any application you need it to.

Eaton fire alarm and signalling base - midi angle single base

Midi angle single base

Flexi-fit option to facilitate installation in corners, or where the use of grommets or gaskets is preferred.

Eaton fire alarm and signalling bases - deep base

Deep base

Suitable for all types of surface wiring with an IP65 ingress protection rating, and knockouts for cable entry. 

Eaton fire alarm and signalling base - midi u single base

Midi U single base 

Easy-fit option to facilitate installation in corners, or where the use of grommets or gaskets is preferred.

Eaton fire alarm and signalling bases - shallow base

Shallow base

Suitable for concealing wiring allowing for installation with minimal visual impact where aesthetics are important.

Eaton fire alarm and signalling base - u base


Suitable for all types of surface wiring and rated to IP65 ingress protection, with knockouts for cable entry.

Eaton fire alarm and signalling bases range

Base compatibility

Eaton's range of fire rated alarms and signalling bases are compatible with the RoLP Solista, RoLP, Solex, Solista and Flashi.

One product platform, one alert. Synchronicity across the range.

The Roshni platform of Askari, Rolp, Flashni, CS200 and Squashni products all utilize the same legacy Fulleon 32 tone table, ensuring synchronisation of all tones in an area using a variety of sounders.

One Eaton – the world’s leading manufacturer of fire notification devices

With ATEX Explosion-proof products from MEDC, to UL certified sounders from Wheelock, our diverse portfolio including Cooper, Fulleon, JSB and Menvier means that 1 in 5 of every Fire Notification device installed is an Eaton product*. Whatever your industry or application – Eaton has a solution.

*(HIS Markit, 2018).

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