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CXM & CXL - Manual call points for fire, gas & door release

Manual call points provide an essential interface for occupants to raise the alarm during a fire or emergency to the start evacuation of a building, release gas or open a door a controlled door.

The first manual call point available with a plastic resettable element, the Fulleon Manual Call Point has two main variants: the CXL series featuring an LED indicator and the CXM series designed for legacy fire systems. Both include indoor and outdoor, weatherproof options and are supplied with both glass and plastic re-settable elements and a reset/testing key.

The CXL series is suited for modern fire systems while the CXM series provides simple mains rated changeover contacts for use with older fire systems and other applications requiring switching at up to mains voltage. Not just limited to fire, a broad range of colours including red, green, blue and yellow can be chosen for other applications such as gas or door release.

Resettable call point variant available for ease of reuse
Designed to house multiple features reducing necessary stock
Weatherproof version available for outdoor application

Simplicity is the key

The Fulleon Manual Call Point gives you the freedom to choose between a replaceable glass fragile element or a polycarbonate resettable element for ease of reuse.

Complete with a reset key, the key gives you the ability to test the call point, reset a tripped call point, or remove the front cover to replace the glass element. Whichever version you choose, you can enjoy ease of operation.

Manual call points for non-fire applications - the choice is yours

Your project may demand different call points for use other than in event of a fire. Eaton's call points come in a variety of colours, including red, green, blue and yellow. These can be used for applications such as door entry or gas alerts, or other applications to meet your project needs.

Indoors or outdoors, surface or recessed, install to suit the setting

Choose between surface mounting using the supplied back box, or recessed into a standard UK single gang back box; the Fulleon Manual Call Point can also be choosen in an IP66 weatherproof option for outdoor and harsh indoor applications.

Need a more secure call point?

When activation is restricted its important to ensure only trusted individuals can trigger an alarm during an emergency or for more routine activities. The Fulleon Key Switch Call Point offers all the benefits of the broad range of standard Manual Call Points with the additional requirement of key to activate.

It's versatile resettable mechanism and an adaptable platform, have allowed OEM manufacturers across the globe to integrate our manual call point in their systems.

James Morgan, Global Product Manager

Accessories and spares

A range of acccessories and spare parts are available for the Fulleon Manual Call Point including a standard back box for surface mounting, polycarbonate cover for protection from accidential activation and spare keys and elements.

All come in packs of 10 for installers to carry round and stock for either large sites or multiple smaller sites.

Polycarbonate cover for additional security
Spare elements (plastic or glass)
Spare reset and testing key
Standard surface back box

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With ATEX Explosion-proof products from MEDC, to UL certified sounders from Wheelock, our diverse portfolio including Cooper, Fulleon, JSB and Menvier means that 1 in 5 of every Fire Notification device installed is an Eaton product*. Whatever your industry or application – Eaton has a solution.

*(IHS Markit, 2018).

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