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SQG3 - Sounder VAD or VID detector base

The Fulleon SQG3-23 is a combined audible and visual detector base unit (based on the Squashni platform). Offering extremely low current consumption, it provides a flexible fire safety solution to meet the detection and notification needs in a variety of applications including hotels, offices, retail outlets, education environments and warehouses.

Available in two variants, as a EN54-23 certified open class visual alarm device (VAD) or as a visual indicator device (VID) approved to EN54-3. Enabling it to be used as a fire notification or supplement alerting device across Europe.

Configurable as either a standalone sounder VAD / VID, the mounting surface is suitable to fit the majority of European fire detectors enabling a single installation point for three devices.

Fire certified sounder & visual alarm device to EN54-3 & 23
Designed to fit virtually any point detector
Operating options enable maximum low current consumption

Visual alarm or visual indicator - which device to install and when? 

VADs are covered by EN 54-23 (the use of visual alarm devices in fire detection and alarm systems in non-domestic premises), which ensures that the device emits sufficient light to attract the attention of anyone in a specific area.

The need for a VAD will depend on factors such as where ambient sound pressure levels are high, if staff or visitors need ear protection, or where people with impaired hearing may be alone.

VIDs, covered by the standard EN 54-3, are used as supplementary indication devices where additional notification is required to supplement alarm sounders. They cannot be used as the only way to alert people to a potential hazard, and can be used where VADs are not a requirement.

Powerful enough to use alone, flexible enough to use with a detector

Whilst the SQG3 base sounder is suitable to use as a standalone device, its large flat surface also allows the mounting of the most popular European detectors. It is also compatible with a wide variety of fire systems, due to its high efficiency and low operating current. A combined audible and visual version is also available.

Designed with innovative technology to create high efficiency

Designed using innovative piezoelectric technology, the Squashni base sounder uses a current as low as 4mA making it a truly cost effective solution. It also issues 360 degree sound output at 90dB, ensuring that clear notification is achieved when required.

Compatible by design

By utilising piezoelectric technology, the SQG3 only consumes a low amount of power meaning it can be used widely across different industries. Not only is the SQG3 suitable for use with Eaton addressable fire systems, and BiWire systems, it can also be adapted to suit many OEM applications.

The low power consumption of a piezo fire sounder, has made the SQG3 a popular platform for the in-house integration of OEM address protocols.

James Morgan, Global Product Manager

Loud and Clear. Alerting when a life depends on it.

From commercial premises to off-shore oil platforms, an acoustic alert is typically the primary method of alarm.

Eaton has a library of over 100 industry-standard alerting tones to ensure that your notification is heard every time. Voice alert messages are available in multiple languages for fire evacuation, security or safety.

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View the Squashni family and EN54-23 VAD range

Clear visual notification during an emergency; approved to EN54-23

VADs provide a clear signal of evacuation for any occupant that may not be alerted by an audible alarm due to working in a noisy environment like a factory, if they are hard of hearing or increasingly in office and educational environments due to wearing headphones.

One Eaton – the world’s leading manufacturer of fire notification devices

With ATEX Explosion-proof products from MEDC, to UL certified sounders from Wheelock, our diverse portfolio including Cooper, Fulleon, JSB and Menvier means that 1 in 5 of every Fire Notification device installed is an Eaton product*. Whatever your industry or application – Eaton has a solution.

*(IHS Markit, 2018).

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