Door retainers
Series 1370 & 1380 - Versatile magnetic door retainers
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Series 1370 & 1380 - Versatile magnetic door retainers

The Series 1370 and 1380 range of door retainers is an extremely flexible option to help meet all your greatest installation challenges.

The aluminium electromagnetic door release units for fire doors are equipped with release buttons. Thanks to two different core mounting positions, axial and perpendicular, and to the adjustable head within 30mm, both wall and floor mounting are possible. The case features epoxy varnishing ensures high levels of robustness and the cover of the base conceals the fixing screws to provide excellent an excellent finish. 

Both come as standard with a dual protection diode to protect against disturbances and polarity reversals. A built-in spring release allows residual magnetic forces to be overcome thus ensuring quick, reliable door release. The strong metallic structure and its versatile installation options make this door release unit an ideal solution for hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, and industrial warehouses.

EN 1155
Holding strength
50 and 100 Kg
Floor, wall or ceiling

Core features

  • High holding force
  • Release button and protection circuit
  • Damping counter plate included
  • Adjustable mounting height within 30 mm
  • Suitable for large and small fire doors
  • The door can be manually closed when not activated by the fire system

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