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Series 1490 - Remote sounder indicator

Series 1490 is a compact, remote fire alarm sounder indicator for the remote signaling of alarms, failures, or others by means of high visibility LEDs.

Suited for joint use with smoke and/or thermal detectors installed in false ceilings or floating floors, whenever external signaling is required. Versions with the suffix BZ are fitted with an internal buzzer for giving optical-acoustic warnings with either a constant sound or a flashing light.

The device can be powered at either 12 or 24 Vdc. Available in red, yellow, and green; comes fitted with a wide light diffusion that is easily visible from any direction. Installation is quick and simple thanks to the terminal connections and the possibility of fixing the device using the supplied double-sided tape.

Small & compact
High visibilty LED colours
Red, green, yellow
Power supply
12 and 24 Vdc

Core features

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Optical-acoustic versions (with Buzzer)
  • White thermoplastic housing 

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