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Eaton In-line Metered Rack PDU

ePDU G3 In-Line Metered models allow existing basic PDUs to be upgraded to include IEC class 1 billing grade metering, and can be mounted either horizontally in the rack or vertically on the 0U space. Models include IEC Class 1 (1%) billing grade accuracy, an advanced hot-swap meter with LCD pixel display showing V, W, A and kWh, and the ability to daisy chain 8 ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address.

Eaton In-Line Metered Rack PDU

Network connectivity & LCD

Eaton In-Line Metered ePDU provides network connectivity and advanced LCD for easier configuration. ePDU G3 has Hot-Swap network components – update or change without changing the outlet state.

Billing Grade Accuracy

IEC +/-1% Billing Grade Accuracy: Meter your energy consumption (kWh) plus V, W and A extremely accurately.

Current Metering

Input and Phase Metering, Circuit Breaker Current Metering
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