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Contextual visibility of power metrics & constraints

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Dashboard view
Data center view
Rack view
Environmental view
Asset management

Monitoring of Eaton & many 3rd party power devices

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Eaton UPSs, rack PDUs & ATSs
3rd party UPSs, rack PDUs & ATSs 1 2 2

Manage & update Eaton power devices

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Mass configure Eaton power devices
Mass upgrade Eaton power devices

Core Power Management Features

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Protected Servers (via IPP agent) and Virtual Hosts (agentless)
Storage Shutdown Module
Generic Drivers and Third Party Devices
Configuration Policy
Control PDU outlets
Advanced Event Action with Standard Events
Advanced Event Action with Custom Events
Generic SSH action

Define basic virtual infrastructure business continuity policies with host level actions

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Basic Power Actions
Shutdown Storage Devices 3
Shutdown Virtual Hosts 3

Shutdown Virtual Machines

(all, no prioritization in IPM policy)

Enter/Exit Maintenance Mode 3

Define advanced virtual infrastructure business continuity policies with VM & cluster level actions

Includes all basic power actions listed table above plus the following
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Advanced Power Actions for VM/Volume
Load shedding
Shutdown Targeted Virtual Machines
Migrate Virtual Machines to Targeted Hosts
Automatic VM group assignment
Advanced Power Actions for Hosts
Shutdown VMware vApp
Automate VMware SRM Recovery Plan
Virtual IT Cluster Level
Fully virtualized cluster shutdown
VMware vSAN shutdown
Nutanix Acropolis shutdown

Plugins & 3rd party IT solution connectors

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Virtualisation management plugins
Plugin for VMware vCenter 3
Plugin for Citrix XenCenter 3
Advanced Power Actions for Hosts
Shutdown VMware vApp 3
Automate VMware SRM Recovery Plan 3
Microsoft Hyper-V 3
Citrix XenCenter 3
Citrix XenServer Pool 3
NetApp Storage 3
HPE OneView
Nutanix Acropolis
Cisco UCS Manager
Management Packs

Eaton IPM Management Pack

for VMware vRealize Operations Manager

✔1 Missing device drivers for supported 3rd party device types are eligible for Eaton Xtreme Support with 72 hour driver creation turnaround time. Some limitations apply.
✔2 Host level policy based remediation not included for Eaton Essential UPS Models (9E and 93E) and all non Eaton UPS Models with the Manage Edition.
Optimize Edition required.
3rd party UPS monitoring & business continuity policy features require support by the device for the IETF MIB RFC 1628
✔3 3rd party UPS customers must purchase an Optimize Edition license to enable Basic and Advanced virtualization features.
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