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Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) offers three versions- a basic edition, a silver license and a gold license. The IPM Gold license is our premium offering and provides the most complete set of capabilities, including the ability to monitor and mange third-party power devices in addition to Eaton equipment.

Capability overview


Included with Basic, Silver and Gold:

  • Shut down server and host without crashing
  • Shut down storage module to keep data safe
  • Discover third-party devices from one dashboard*
  • Customize the data monitored from your device using generic drivers
  • Group multiple devices to be acted on as a single device with configuration policies
  • Take basic actions (server, host and storage shutdown)
  • Plugin for VMware vCenter
  • Plugin for Citrix XenCenter

Included with Silver and Gold:

  • Enter and exit maintenance mode
  • Limit server power consumption to save on battery and fuel costs during a catastrophe by power capping on demand
  • Shut down specific virtual machines during a power event no matter what physical machine they are on
  • Migrate virtual machines to targeted hosts and shut down the non-critical server to conserve energy
  • Shut down or suspend a virtual appliance
  • Automatically back up data during a power event to avoid data loss using VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • Trigger an advanced action (power cap, load shed, failover) on configured policies (groups of devices) during specific power events with a single command
  • Monitor and manage the health, risk and efficiency of your power infrastructure by integrating into VMware's vRealize Operations Manager
  • Safely shut down and securely restore high availability environments without crashing virtual machines or host server

*GOLD LICENCE ONLY: Monitor and manage thrid-party power equipment

Up to 10 nodes
Basic edition
Up to 100 nodes
Silver license
Up to 500 nodes
Gold license
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