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BECOSORB 2500 silica gel is saturated non-swelling silicic acid xerogel with a maximum moisture content of 40%. The defined article size of BECOSORB 2500 silica gel is formulated especially for beer filtration. Uniform surface structure and pore size together with optimum pore volume guarantee that protein compounds of high molecular weight are adsorbed from the beer.

Filter Material
Saturated xerogel with a maximum moisture content of 40%
Protein stabilization of beer
max. 25 - 120 g/hl

Core features

  • Selective adsorption of protein fractions of high molecular weight
  • No influence on components of low molecular weight that are positive for foam formation
  • Suitable for all common beer stabilizing methods
  • Hydrated silica gel product forming virtually no dust during handling
  • Is capable of filtration, supports the filtration process
  • Can be combined with PVPP and diatomaceous earth products
  • Neutral flavor and aroma, therefore chemically inert
  • Free from contaminants which would spoil the beer
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