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Redapt Stopping plugs (type A, B & dome)

Redapt stopping plugs provide a method of blanking off unused entries in hazardous area approved equipment whilst ensuring the integrity and Ex approval of the installation is maintained.

Options in the range include the Exd flameproof/Exe increased safety series, the Exde type A & type B series, and the Exe glass-filled nylon series.

Protection type
Exd – Flameproof / Exe – Increased Safety
Ingress protection
Dome, type A & type B

Protection category

Additional certificate: GOST (for PD-E4 nylon plug only).

Options in the stopping plugs range

Integral O-rings available for additional protection

All parallel male threads are supplied with an o-ring seal as standard to maintain IP66/IP68 level of ingress protection.

Tapered male thread options are not normally supplied complete with an ‘O’ ring seal, thread sealant should be used to maintain the desired level of ingress protection. If an ‘O’ ring seal is required (Clearance holes) this can be available as an option.

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Redapt - One of the world's leading manufacturers of Ex approved products

Since 1979, Redapt has been known for its specialism in Ex and is named after its core product range REducers and aDAPTors. Today, alongside Capri and Raxton it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the market.
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