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Electrohydraulic cylinders – EH series

Eaton electrohydraulic cylinders (EH series) simplify your supply chain by combining a high-performance cylinder, precision feedback transducer and control valve mount in a single package. For advanced closed-loop motion control, Eaton valves can be mounted onto the configured cylinder and adjusted to your precise specifications.

No need to integrate separate components
Single-source solution reduces costs
Wide range of styles, mountings, sizes and valves

Streamlined, cost-saving technology

By integrating all components, our electrohydraulic cylinder eliminates the need for a separate hydraulic manifold, plumbing between the control valve and cylinder, transducer mounting bracket and other complex configurations. This offers significant cost savings over custom assemblies.

Save time

Simplified plumbing and electrical connections combined with a programmable AxisPro valve eliminates repetitive setups.

Increase production

Programmable motion control enables faster cycles than conventional hydraulic circuitry. Infinite positioning with high repeatability can improve yield in the production cycle.


  • Civil
  • Oil and gas
  • Alternative energy
  • Aerospace 
  • Processing
  • Press manufacturing
  • Forestry

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