Hydraulic cylinders
Heavy-duty tie-rod ISO metric cylinders – IHM & TV series
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Heavy-duty tie-rod ISO metric cylinders – IHM & TV series

Eaton tie-rod heavy-duty ISO metric cylinders make it easy to meet your application requirements and ISO industry standards. These IHM series and TV series cylinders are crafted with durable gray iron bearings, to keep them running stronger and longer.
Cut cycle times and boost production
Made to last
Reliable and safe operation

Accelerate cycle times and increase production

Maximise acceleration with our patented floating ring cushion seal or alternative ball check design. Optimise deceleration with the fully adjustable cushioning system.

Safe, dependable performance

Captive screws prevent accidental removal, while still allowing easy adjustment. The SureSeal system – the connection between rod and wipers – ensures exceptional performance and durability. A full range of ports provides the broadest piping flexibility. 


Minimise wear and extend seal life

Special wear bands eliminate metal-to-metal contact for longer cylinder life and increased load-carrying capability. The case-hardened, chrome-plated piston rod ensures maximum durability and seal life, resulting in less downtime. Perform rod seal maintenance without disassembling the cylinder. 


  • Plastics
  • Rubber/moulding
  • Machine tool
  • Entertainment
  • Primary metals

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