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XL custom hydraulic cylinders

Whether you need a new extra-large hydraulic cylinder or XL cylinder service or repair, we are ready to customise a reliable, long-lasting solution. For decades, Eaton has engineered XL hydraulic cylinders for the world’s most demanding operating conditions.

Super-sized solutions
Made to last
Outstanding service

Extra-large and made to order

Eaton has decades of experience creating XL cylinders for the world’s toughest environmental conditions and mission-critical applications. No project is too big or complex.

Engineered to endure

Eaton’s XL series hydraulic cylinders have been used in applications exposed to some of the world’s most brutal conditions, including offshore oil exploration and hydroelectric dams. We use best-in-class materials and features to ensure that, no matter the conditions, our cylinders can take it.

Unmatched service

From the design phase through testing, implementation and beyond, our world-class engineers and project managers provide service you won’t find elsewhere.

Offshore oil drilling platform


  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Hydropower and civil engineering
  • Mining and bulk material handling
  • Heavy industry

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Let’s work together

Whether you are designing a new system or retrofitting an existing machine, Eaton’s design and engineering experts and integrator partners are available for consultation and collaboration. We offer system design, analysis, build and project management services.
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